Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Time to Automate your Business Customer Support Services.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service automates case & knowledge management, enables personalized customer service, and boosts customer service team productivity for a business.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service is the module for customer service automation that streamlines case & knowledge management, enables customer service with a 360-degree customer view, & provides visibility into customer service department performance with dashboards & reports.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service Customization Capabilities

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service provides broad customization capabilities that include:

  • The case management workflow customization to automate customer service processes & rules of any complexity.
  • Automation of routine operations & business rules.
  • The data structure customization to add or rename attributes of objects enables tracking & using information specifically for business in automated workflows.
  • Forms customization to create custom forms for quizzes, surveys & polls to collect customer feedback, measure employee satisfaction, etc.

Why Dynamics 365 Customer Service?

It’s now more important than ever to provide excellent service to increase customer loyalty and retention. With Dynamics 365 Customer Service from Power Objects, your organization leverages built-in intelligence that consistently delivers faster, more personalized service to your customers.

Empower Customer Service

To empower customer service agents to be efficient and productive.

Automate & Streamline

To automate and streamline predictable & repeatable inquiries.

High-Quality & Effective

To ensure customers experience high-quality & effective interactions.

Engage with Customers

To engage customers across different channels.

Customer Data

To unify all customer data for a single view of customers.

Identify & Automate

To quickly identify & automate common support issues using intelligent chatbots.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 customer engagement?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (on-premises) is a customer relationship management business solution that helps improve your business’s marketing capabilities, drive higher sales, and provide excellent customer service to users.

How does Microsoft Dynamics 365 customer engagement help?

As per Microsoft, 54% of clients have higher expectations for customer service today than in past years.

The best customer relationship management (CRM) implementation partner & solution helps an organization to improve marketing, sales, and service engagement-, drive efficiency, and enhance the client experience.